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What is a diamond?

Diamonds, composed of carbon, are the hardest known natural substance in the world today. A diamond may be up to 3 billion years old. Diamond crystallization originates some 100 miles or more beneath the earth’s surface.

Diamond colors are usually pale yellow to colorless, but can also be brown, blue, green, orange, pink, red and black. A diamond’s superior optical properties and hardness have earned this mineral the highest respect in both the jewelry sector and industrial sector. Traditionally, diamonds are known for their invincibility and hence the Greek name, “adamas.”

Why buy a diamond?

There are plenty of reasons…to commemorate…to reward…to romance. The choice is yours. Historically, a diamond has been referred to as the essence of purity and invincibility, a symbol of royalty and a token of everlasting love. Purchasing a diamond means investing in a “piece of forever.” It is considered a true miracle of nature dating from the beginning of time. Diamonds are also the greatest source of portable wealth.

Diamond Certification

Before purchasing a loose diamond, one of the first and most important step is to review a copy of its certificate, as this is one way to guarantee the quality and value of that diamond. Some of the most reputable certificates in the diamond industry today are issued by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGSL (American Gem Society Laboratories). There are several other Diamond Cerificates that are also reputable.

However, these two laboratories are well known for having the most strict, consistent and unbiased diamond grading systems. Diamonds accompanied by these grading reports are the most highly valued in the industry today, as their quality is guaranteed. At Nirvana Treasures, the majority of our loose diamonds have been analyzed and graded by either GIA or AGSL. Some of our diamonds may be analyzed by other authorities such as EGL (European Gem Laboratories), HRD (Hoge Raad Voor Diamant) which are also reputable.

What to Spend

You may want to consider the often-quoted guideline of spending 1 to 2 months of your salary for a diamond.

Rest assured that the diamond you buy will be a sound financial investment. Their rare qualities, desirability and value remain undiminished today and will continue through the years to come.

Keep in mind that whatever you spend, your diamond will represent one of life’s deepest emotional investments. It may eventually be passed down for generations, cherished not just for what it is worth, but for what it symbolizes.

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